Client Support


Astor Motor Recruitment is considered one of the top Automotive Recruitment companies in the Western Cape and Gauteng.  We conduct our business with transparency and integrity, and we maintain a professional and confidential relationship with our clients and candidates alike.

We offer a full-service recruitment package, which includes;

Candidate interviewing
We source, screen, and interview every candidate before sending them out on interviews.  This is done either face to face or using various video digital platforms.

Reference Checking
Wherever possible previous employment history will have been verified and the candidate has been reference checked.    

Qualification, Credit and Criminal Checks
We can arrange qualification, credit, criminal, driver’s license, and ID checks upon the request of the client.

Arranging Interviews
We are here to answer any questions you may have, regarding the CV’s that are submitted. We arrange interviews between yourself and the candidate, at a time that best suits all parties.

Client and Candidate Feedback
We provide honest feedback to both the client and the candidate and offer advice the next steps

Salary Negotiations
Once you have selected the perfect candidate, we will assist in negotiating salary packages and start dates.

A top-quality candidate database
Most of our candidates are sourced from networking and referrals which gives you access to the largest pool of the best candidates in the industry.

Industry expertise
Our Director, Paula Addinall, has had ties to the Motor Industry for almost 30 years and has been recruiting in the automotive field for almost 20 of those years.  We keep up to date on industry trends, both in recruitment and the automotive industry, and we are among the first to hear of changes and events.

Comprehensive CV’s
Our CV’s are formatted in a uniform style, making them easy to read, comprehensive and easily comparable. 

Fair Pricing
Our pricing is fair and in line with the industry “norm”.  We will discuss and agree on fees upfront to avoid unforeseen complications down the line.

Candidate Guarantee 
*We offer a 90-day guarantee on all candidates placed by Astor Motor Recruitment, and we will replace free of charge if that candidate leaves for any reason, other than retrenchment. 

Strictest Confidentiality
We always pledge to maintain the strictest level of confidentiality to both our clients and candidates.

Ongoing care
We follow up with you and the candidate on a regular basis, after starting, to ensure all round satisfaction.

*This applies if the recruitment fee has not been negotiated and has been paid in full and on time.

Do I pay for this service?
Yes, the client is responsible for the recruitment fees.  Fees are only payable once a candidate has started with your company.  You can view our fee structure here

What if I don’t employ someone through Astor Motor Recruitment, do I still pay fees?
If we are unable to find you a suitable candidate, then no fees are payable

What if, only 6 months later, I employ a candidate that was referred by Astor Motor Recruitment?
If you employ any candidate within 12 months of them being referred to you by Astor Motor Recruitment, you will be liable for a recruitment fee.

How long does it take before I get CV’s?
It all depends on the position and the availability of candidates; it could be anything from half an hour of us receiving the spec, to weeks. The normal turnaround time is around 48 hours.

How many CV’s will I get?
It all depends on the position and the availability of candidates; we usually send between 3 and 5 CV’s per vacancy.

Will you send me CV’s without the candidate’s consent?
NEVER!  We need the candidate’s consent to send information to our clients

Should I contact my Recruiter regularly?
YES!  We love to hear from you, and we are always happy and willing to give you feedback, updates and advice on your vacancies.

Who arranges the interviews?
We are here to make your life easier, so we set up all the interviews at a time that best suits you

Can I contact the candidates directly?
We do not put contact details on the CV’s that we send out and we discourage our clients from contacting the candidates directly as it creates confusion for us and for the candidates.

Will you do reference checks?
YES!  We will verify that the Referee details that have been submitted are true and correct and we contact recent employers

Will you do qualification, credit, criminal checks?
We can arrange any additional checks at your request.  These checks are costly to do, so we will only do them on shortlisted candidates.
We will not charge you any extra for conducting these checks IF you employ a candidate from Astor Motor Recruitment for the role.  However, if you do not employ a candidate through us, for the role, we reserve the right to invoice you for the costs incurred.

Who negotiates salaries?
We are upfront about the candidate’s salary requirements in the CV and we are there to assist you with salary negotiations.

What about confidentiality?
We always maintain the highest level of confidentiality, to both our clients and candidates.

What about aftercare and guarantees?
*We offer a 90day guarantee on all candidates placed through Astor Motor Recruitment, so we will replace any candidate that leaves your employ for reason, other than retrenchment.
We do regular checks with you and the candidate during their first 3 months, to ensure that everyone is still happy.

*This applies if the recruitment fee has not been negotiated and has been paid in full and on time.